Bad capybaras!

Task by Stanislav Rakovsky (@hexad3c1mal) · Par time: ~1 hour

Greeting, human!

We cats are not so good at cryptography, so we outsourced to capybaras one of our security modules which was supposed to encrypt stored files. It was one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made! They wrote supersecure module in 6 months, and here it is: securestorage.7z.

Our extra requirement was tethering encryption to hardware (like chrome does via windows cryptoapi), and it actually worked... Until we started to disasm it...

This is a failure as we can see. We reverse engineered it, saw all the horror — and told the capybaras to work harder. For example, this crap cannot work without python 3.6 installed. Capys said we should use Xubuntu 18.04... What’s wrong with them??

Btw, we got its source code from capys and made a CTF task out of it. So have fun researching what the hell they did. I assume the archive content is all you need to solve it.

Good luck and have fun!

Added at 14:45 UTC: try to encode / decode something. Maybe you will notice something happens. You can also use strace :)